Top 20 Fast Food Chains That DOMINATE America

Top 20 Fast Food Chains That DOMINATE America

If you think fast food restaurants dominate the American landscape then you are correct no matter where you go you are always within a stone’s throw of a restaurant that’s sending out order after order at breakneck speeds so based on locations here is a list of the top 20 fast food chains that dominate in America what you did what may what burger what a burger what a burger is a regional favorite that makes up 1% of the fast-food restaurants in America that number may seem small but it isn’t to those who call what a burger their favorite burger joint in the country anyone who wants a delicious treat should consider a vacation to one of the southern states that hosts a what a burger turn around turn around take a circle you will cry the entire way home since you won’t be able to enjoy a thick and juicy what a burger in your hometown who knows it might be motivation enough for you to put on a cowboy hat and move down south mm-hmm this is a tasty burger all right guys devoted fans of Five Guys can’t imagine what life would be like without them their hand-cut fries or what legends are made of if you’re the type that wouldn’t think about setting foot in another fast-food joint you know I would never cheat on you not under any condition then you must be one of the many who continuously visit this burger chain that makes up 1% of the total volume of fast-food restaurants don’t expect that number to stay low forever since every day some new people are being turned onto five guys who will never again buy a burger anywhere else Carl’s jr. everything seems bigger at Carl’s jr. they also make up 1% of the number of fast-food restaurants in America it’s hard to believe the number is so low considering the impact they have on the industry no one can deny that size matters when it comes to burgers size does matter don’t let anyone tell you different as Carl’s jr. proves few fast-food restaurants come close to offering the size and abundance of flavors that Carl’s jr. does if you’re a fan of eating until your innards feel like they’re about to explode then you no doubt regularly visit a Carl’s jr. near you and sweet Panda Express Panda Express makes up another 1% of the fast-food chains what makes this restaurant so unique is its focus on Chinese food Chinese food Chinese food if you’re not in the mood for burgers pizza or tacos then Panda Express is the perfect alternative the great thing about Panda Express is they have a standardized menu and that means all of their restaurants have the exact same thing smooth that’s rarely the case when it comes to privately owned Chinese restaurants as they often cater their menu towards what sells best to their local subset of customers this burrito is delicious but it is feeling Chipotle may be growing but they’re still around the 1% mark everyone who enjoys a big gut bomb burrito knows all about Chipotle they also have great bowls tacos and other menu items Chipotle is the place where you go in hungry and walk out satisfied their food is a fresh take on Mexican inspired foods that include grilled meats freshly made hot sauces and plenty of guacamole you can’t walk out of the place without a side of guac and their chips I too have spent many nights trying to drown my sorrows in guacamole if you do then you’ll regret it every step of the way home tastes like chicken chick-fil-a chick-fil-a comes in at a staggering 2% why is that number so staggering it’s staggering because of the impact that chick-fil-a has on the world of fast food they have a loyal following like very few restaurants have their customers love their products so much that they are devoted to them my friends you bout bow on their chicken sandwiches and waffle fries are only two of the things that people can’t seem to scarf down enough of quality is king at chick-fil-a and that in itself is why their name is always on the lips of those who love fast food check in the box don’t get in between a hungry person and their jack-in-the-box this joint has a lot of fans and that’s why they make up 2% of the total number of fast-food restaurants in America it seems like they serve up a standard fare when it comes to fast food until you take a closer look those who love jack-in-the-box no it’s all about the quality and the uniqueness of the product all the fuckin extra knowledge amazing sure it’s typical fast food but nothing is typical when jack-in-the-box puts it in between a bun [Music] Jimmy Jones Jimmy Jones takes a solid 2% and they aren’t done yet Jimmy Jones is a sub sandwich joint that also has other types of sandwiches but let’s be clear you go there for the subs well those and the big Chocolate Chunk cookies they have those cookies are not only big they’re mighty tasty as well perfect way to end a visit to Jimmy John’s is with one of their cookies that will hit the spa after a great meal parties parties and Carl’s jr. are basically the same places no it’s not a conspiracy on their behalf to confuse the public anyone who walks into either Hardee’s or Carl’s jr. will know immediately that they are the same at 3 percent you’re more likely to see a Hardee’s than a Carl’s jr. if you have any doubt if either one is in your area look for all the people who look like they are in a state of pure bliss it’s impossible to feel anything other than total and utter satisfaction after finishing a hefty meal at either one of these fast food behemoths gotta go fast sonic drive-in sonic driving clocks in at a total of three percent of the number of restaurants in America they are famous for hotdogs happy hour drinks and those two funny guys and their commercials look there are those two guys what are they famous for I think for eating your all the time those guys have been on television for years and they are the face of Sonic drive-in you can’t help but think of them when you’re placing your order iconic you might say sonic drive-in has an old-time feel to it since it is still an actual drive-in anyone who has never visited a drive-in should go out of their way to check out Sonic drive-in for a real blast from the past experience don’t worry you don’t have to grease your hair back or wear a poodle skirt when eating at this relic of days gone by Arby’s has the meats and also a hefty 3% foothold Arby’s might be known for roast beef but over the years they’re working hard to add more meats we need more some of you might be shocked to learn that they also have fish sandwiches the curly fries at Arby’s are a real hidden secret they’re obviously curly but have the right amount of spice on them not enough fast food places put spices on their fries and it’s just one of the many things that separate Arby’s from the rest they also have unique shakes and turnovers that the other chains could only dream of selling keep dreaming if you haven’t been in an Arby’s recently now is a better time than ever since they’re continually searching for new ways to put more meat on a bun Dairy Queen Dairy Queen Dairy Queens three percent saturation is more than what it seems Dairy Queen is the perfect marriage between fast food and ice cream I feel like salty and sweet you got white chocolate french fries you can’t leave Dairy Queen without having some kind of frozen treat if you’re in there you might as well get a burger and fries too you can see where this is going real fast a trip to Dairy Queen is a treat in itself and it’s impossible to walk away feeling anything but satisfied after you’re done eating there fried chicken KFC somewhere Colonel Sanders is smiling down and surprised that his world-famous restaurant is up to three percent today KFC is so much more than fried chicken mashed potatoes and coleslaw the menu has grown since the colonel was at the helm and he probably wouldn’t recognize most of the products available today the chicken sandwiches are a hit and so are the addition of new signs who would ever think that you could choose between a biscuit or cornbread when visiting KFC not me see things do change and sometimes change is good humans will put seeds in the ground pour water on them and they grow food like pizza Domino’s Pizza the numbers are staggering when it comes to Domino’s Pizza and their 4% Wow this is the first entry on our list that includes pizza though Domino’s Pizza isn’t only pizza as their customers know they also have sandwiches chicken wings and other side dishes if the big game is on call Domino’s Pizza and they’ll send over a piping hot pizza along with some wings that will make everyone happy don’t forget to buy a sandwich for that one guy who is a picky eater and on some diet that no one can ever seem to remember what it’s called Domino’s has him covered they’ll have something he and everyone else can eat that’s why they’re at a solid 4% Wendy’s Baconator extra bacon Wendy’s Dave Thomas would be so proud to know that Wendy’s is currently at 4% it’s almost impossible to put into words what his impact was on the world of hamburgers it isn’t far-fetched to say that what he did is not only still impacting the industry but it will continue to do so as well the fresh never frozen beef patties are one of the many reasons why there are so many loyal Wendy’s customers the classic single is a real classic and it can go toe to toe with the likes of the whopper or the Big Mac any day of the week if you’ve never had a frosty then you’ve got to treat yourself to one a frosty is a chocolate or vanilla creamy dessert that’s a mix between soft-serve ice cream and a milkshake Wendy’s is also set to launch breakfast nationwide very soon which is just one more reason for wanting to go there a lovely change pizza just for me Pizza Hut Pizza Hut comes in at a rock-solid five percent the reason why Pizza Hut has such a stranglehold on pizza and fast food is because of their creativity who else would think of stuffing the crust of pizza with cheese and other things this is true if that doesn’t get you going then their wide variety of crusts has to get your attention if all else fails then they are one of the few big time pizza chains where you can sit down inside the restaurant and eat pizza while enjoying a pitcher of beer invite a few of your friends to eat pizza and drink beer at a place that always seems to reinvent itself every so many years if nothing else it’s always interesting to see what they have coming down the pike you know one thing about Pizza Hut and that is they aren’t the type of company that sits around while everyone else innovates but them hey taco bell tacobell’ the 5% that taco bell represents is far bigger than what the number may lead people to think Taco Bell is the number one fast Mexican food restaurant in America Oh Mexican food hey no one comes close to those numbers no matter how you look at them some say that Taco Bell serves up the same handful of ingredients in a multitude of ways while on some level that may be true it’s those same ingredients that make everyone keep coming back for more if you want cheesy beefy crunchy goodness there’s only one place to go for it and that’s Taco Bell it’s also the place for those who like spicy food to get their bell rung with a variety of sauces that are sure to set your mouth ablaze Burger King Burger King is truly royalty in the kingdom of fast food they come in at 6% and the numbers are growing steadily over the years no one can deny that Burger King plays a vital role in fast food and burgers in general I’m kind of a big deal they have made some serious inroads over the past few years with new products that have changed the way the dining public eats the flame-broiled whoppers they keep selling are one of the many reasons why Burger King is a favorite among burger lovers it is a whopper of a sandwich and it tastes like it was grilled up in your backyard that king dude may look creepy but he sure knows how to flame-broiling er no one will ever doubt his ability to grill up a burger or dish out delicious hot fries you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese McDonald’s McDonald’s is everywhere and that’s why it should be no surprise that they come in at 11% you can’t go anywhere in America and not be near a McDonald’s it would also be correct to say that you’re always near a McDonald’s no matter where in the world you are they’re Big Macs sandwich is enormous and it’s famous for its special secret sauce the fries at McDonald’s are some of the best you’ll find and the same thing can be said about their coca-cola did you know that their coca-cola tastes different because they pay special attention to how their fountains produce the soda also the coca-cola company ships their syrup to McDonald’s in metal containers it’s not just you if you think that their coke tastes better than the rest the reason for that is all the hard work and money they’ve invested in delivering the best-tasting coca-cola of any fast-food restaurant tomorrow you’re gonna go on a diet subway the number-one fast-food chain in America is subway they make up 19 percent of all the fast-food restaurants in the entire country let that sink in for just a few moments while you think back to all of your fond Subway memories it doesn’t matter where you go there’s a subway restaurant nearby you might go to a gas station Walmart or a strip mall and you see the famous subway sign you know they have their fame fresh-baked bread along with all the fixings a sandwich could ever want subway has so many different sandwiches to choose from it’s impossible to make up your mind if you’re starving I can’t choose between you two I love you both so much if that wasn’t enough then they’d have the cookies near the register how can you resist buying a delicious cookie on your way out a freshly baked cookie is the best way to and a healthy satisfying meal at Subway stick around tap on another video subscribe to our Channel and click that notification bell

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  1. 5 Guys sucks. Ate their once…never again.Panda express is great…food is fresh! Unlike McDonald's Chick f lay serves REAL CHICKEN NUGGETS. Subway is better than Jimmy Johns…Subway has a bettery variety. Love Hardees breakfast…they treat seniors better than McDonalds. Soni serves Fake Shakes…they are more WHIP CREAM THAN ICE CREAM. Arbys is great too! Love KFCs chicken pot pies.

  2. hold on ,,,Carl's Jr and Hardees ,, yes they are the same company , but the only thing they have in common is that smiling star logo.  The menus of each are completely different .

  3. @2:38 that panda is in rosemead California. How do I know I go to that gamestop and there's a walmart there also that I go too.

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  5. Maccas? Gets its coke in metal containers? Not at any I worked at they got same bags as subway and pubs do

  6. My favorite fast food restaurants are McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Panda Express, five guys, sonic, chick-f-ila, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, Hardey’s, Arby’s, and Jack in the box.

  7. You seem to like everything. Subway needs to shrink. With jimmy johns ans Jersey mikes now i can never go to subway again

  8. so upset they added in carl's jr(same thing as a hardees), BUT left out Culvers… btw i think DQ is MORE famous for their flamethrower burger.

  9. Good video, you earned a new subscriber. I've been watching this channel more often. Thanks for putting in hard work to make the videos! Also, please add Roy Rogers to a video idea. Meanwhile, I’ll try to suggest you guys some ideas 🙂

  10. will food panda i always eat even now but whatabunger man i m goner go try it idc if it 1% if its good as hell i will buy buger from them

  11. I tried Sonic Drive-In but did not really like it. Domino's Pizza YES! I hate Pizza Hut Domino's Pizza seems to care more.

  12. 5 guys suck and is way to much $$ for the garbage quality!
    hardee's used to be good, but now it is sorta ok compared to the original hardee's!
    still have yet to go to a chik-fila.
    I used to love going to Dairy Queen and getting a Butterfinger blizzard till nestle fucked up butterfinger.
    KFC the only good thing about them is the KFC bowls.
    I miss the New Yorker from Pizza Hut 🙁
    Burger Kings Eqqnormous Omlet thing is damn good if made right.
    mcdonalds is a place that always seems to get more orders wrong then any other restaurant then any ive ever visited.
    subway is a joke, Jersey Mikes beats that garbage anymore, Jm might cost 2x the price but the quality is so much better!

  13. Whatsaburger is now a what it is a burger! This list seems clear, Especially the Subway! Anywhere i go, Subway keeps to be appearing! Can't escape from subway 😂. Sub ° Way.
    It was fascinating 🙂.

  14. Honestly babbletop if you ever go to Australia try KFC there. It’s so much better. Sanders must be proud of what’s going on over there. It’s a disgrace here in the states.

  15. If philly had Carl's jr, in and out burger and what a burger I wouldn't go into another mcdonald or burger king. Oh differently jack in the box I would love that restuarant as well and sonic wow.

  16. Wow, I never knew fast-food joints were so WONDERFUL 'til I saw this! /s /s /s
    Seriously, some of these places are nothing special. Especially if the food sat under the heat lamps way too long!

  17. Odd1sout would be like : ,,its a small fast food restourant i dont know if you heard about it" (19% of american fast food restourants)

  18. I do not believe that subway is that high. Mc Donalds is everywhere around here. All the subways went out of business.

  19. McDonald's is a joke now. Their burgers are pure garbage for the price that they sell them for. I rather eat at 5 Guys burgers than McDonald's. I definitely love Taco Bell. That's my go to happy place to eat other than 5 Guys or Burger King.

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